Pick your party!!

 Last year’s very popular “Pick Your Party” program is back! These gatherings provide our members the opportunity to engage more deeply in a relaxed home environment with our Village Church community members. The Stewardship team and many gracious volunteer host families have expanded this year’s program. We have added a day time party based on your feedback and added another evening party to accommodate the large response. This year’s events will be:

  • Party #1: Friday, Jan 19, 7 PM hosted by Cynthia & Bill Sibold

  • Party #2: Saturday, Jan 20, 7 PM hosted by Deb & Ed Berger

  • "Tea Party @ 2" for North Hill Residents: Thursday, Jan 25, 2 PM at North Hill

  • Party #3: Friday, Jan 26, 7 PM hosted by Kathy Schleyer & Phil Carens

  • Party #4: Saturday, Jan 27, 7 PM hosted by Sally & Mike Kellogg

Please RSVP to Erin Donato by email (erin@wellesleyvillagechurch.org), phone 781-235-1988 ext. 11, or in person. We recommend you RSVP early to get your first choice of dates. Last year the very popular evening parties drew a large response (in excess of 60 people in one case) so we have increased the number of evening parties this year to enlarge our capacity without swamping our hosts. Thank you.


The 2018 Stewardship Team:
Mark Lenci, Chair, Ed Berger, Bob Froh, Amy Hille, Matthew McKay, Arthur Stock