Ministry of Last Things

“Peace, I leave with you. My peace I give to you…”  —John 14:27

For most of us, the subject of death and dying is difficult, whether we are reflecting on our own mortality, broaching the subject with a loved one, or being with someone who is nearing death.  We hope the booklet linked below can be a companion to you in these times, that you may be more aware of the resources of our faith and of our faith community to support you.  It is our hope that having these materials available will help us all to reflect more easily on these things, so that we may faithfully plan for death—our own, or another’s.

Stewardship of Last Things Booklet >

Memorial Path and Cemetery

This informative video tells the beautiful story of our cemetery and Memorial Path. Learn how it came about, how it was developed, how it currently works, and how it will serve members of this church for generations to come. You may also follow the button link below for all our cemetery and Memorial Path resources.


If you  are in need of pastoral care at this time, or have questions about our Ministry of Last Things, please contact Rev. Stacy Swain, Associate Pastor for Congregational Care and Engagement, via email at:
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