The steeple of the Wellesley Village Church towers over downtown Wellesley as the sun rises.


 A Message of Thanks from the Community Ministry Deacons

June 22, 2023

Chris Taft and Steffi Peck were both “newbies” at Wellesley Village Church when they were asked to lead the Community Ministry Deacons. Their biggest challenge was coffee hour and how to serve refreshments to 50-75 people every Sunday after the 10:00 service! After a few “seasoned” members apprised them of the fact that in the past, lots of committees/ministries/individuals used to take turns welcoming the congregation, Steffi and Chris decided to send out a plea for help with Coffee Hour. They had no idea what the results might be! Their letter began with the following: “The Community Ministry of Deacons embodies a core value of our church, and that is the value of BELOVED.” Well, you answered the call in a very special way with wonderful refreshments, conversations, and a feeling of being welcomed and beloved Sunday after Sunday.

Chris and Steffi humbly thank all of you: Wednesday Morning Bible Study; Margie and Meg Steere; Service Deacons; Soon-to-be new members Marisabel and Zoi Portillo; Worship Deacons; Welcome Deacons; Sanctuary Choir; Bell Choir; Church Council and Stewardship Committee. To anyone who might have been omitted, please know your help is deeply appreciated. Last but not least, we can’t forget to say thank you to the Community Deacons for their contributions all year long, not only in hosting Coffee Hour, but also in creating artistic flower bouquets from the altar flowers, which are then delivered to those in need of support.

A special shout-out to our sexton Gladys Murillo, who is always there, always smiling, and always working hard to keep everything going smoothly in the kitchen and in Village Common. Another “hats off” to sexton Geraldo Ortiz, who always helps, especially when there is a need for heavy lifting and filling in for Gladys. Thank you, thank you to both of you!

With blessings to all from the grateful Co-Chairs of CMD, Chris Taft and Steffi Peck.