Celebrating Betty Seaborn!

Betty Seaborn is stepping down as Co-President of Village Churchwomen and will now be ex officio. Thank you for everything Betty!

A Village Church Women Board Poem

Our Quilt of Many Colors

It's stunning to see the work we get done

That's thanks to many hands, not just one

Much like a homespun quilt that takes many an hour

Showing clear evidence of our own Women Power

Yet each of us is unique in contribution and talent

All completing her tasks in many an hour spent

There's our wondrous team of Sally, the Rock

Whose eagerness to work she inspires US to unlock

And her cohort Betty with a smile upon her face

accepting Presidential tasks with such amazing grace

Libby and Marti's Planning Dynamic Duo

Makes us wonder how all the work they do takes only TWO

Libby B always tackles numbers like a real PRO

In her absence, we have questions & don't know where to go

Joanne gladly jumps onto Outreach with both of her feet

Her focus & dedication just can't be beat!

Bobbie loves Rummage, constantly knitting with ease

Ruth sees H.O.M.E. & Family Promise as opportunities to seize

Ann, the "newbie" has always sought ways she might contribute

Next year as Co-Prez. she'll offer countless conclusions astute

Marge has a clear talent for prayers and words

Plus steers us away from discussions absurd

Each of us brings a gift to the table

Contributing to projects as we all are able

It's impressive to see the colorful quilt that we "sew"

Stitching together all the things that we know