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Hoops and Homework Backpack Project 2023

June 21, 2023

The school year has barely ended and here we are talking about the fall already.  I’m not usually one to rush the season.  I like to savor the season we are enjoying right now.  But I just received the Hoops and Homework spreadsheet with the names of students who need backpacks and supplies. And that started me thinking about next school year.  So here we go…

Do you remember the excitement leading up to the first day of school each year?  Picking out that new pair of sneakers was the best.  My family always held off on new school clothes until the temperatures dropped, knowing we would start school each year wearing our summer shorts and tops.

But the best memory of all was the new backpack filled with school supplies.  To this day the smell of a new box of crayons elicits wonderful memories for me.  You too?  There is always a bit of excitement, coupled with anticipation flashing before my eyes.

We have an opportunity to bring that excitement and anticipation to the eyes of 43 students ages five to sixteen.  Each year Wellesley Village Church teams up with Hoops and Homework to provide their students with a backpack filled with school supplies.  And you can help.

All you have to do is check out the Sign-up Genius link.  Choose a student or two in the age range you prefer.  Sign up.  Then purchase the backpack and supplies listed for your student/s.  You can drop it in the church parlor before August 25th.  Make sure to put the student’s name on the backpack so we know who the recipient is to be. For unnamed students you can simply put their age and gender that was originally listed.

Give these eager students a Crayola Crayon memory of their own!

Thank you,
Service Ministry

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