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Pathway to Possible’s 50th Anniversary! Part 2

March 23, 2022

Join us in celebrating 50 years ofCompassion. Commitment. Community.

Onto to the next decade…

In the 1980’s, Pathway to Possible (P2P) maintained the thriving Juniper House, opened Orchard House in 1979, opened Grove Street in 1986, and supervised some apartments rented and maintained by the clients themselves. These locations were regularly supervised according to the needs of the folks that lived in them. The staff helped residents gain essential skills for the development of a reasonably independent lifestyle.

Residents developed and maintained great relationships with the surrounding community. Employment was a requirement for staying in the program and residents worked either competitively or in sheltered workshops. Some of their workplaces include New England Life in downtown Boston and Filenes at the Chestnut Hill Mall. One of the managers was so happy with our residents that he called former Executive Director, Nancy Slamin to ask “if we had anyone else who wanted to work”. Sevrin, a resident that still lives at Jubilee House in Wellesley, started a job in the kitchen of the Filene’s restaurant in 1974 at the Chestnut Hill Mall. He washed dishes, cleaned chairs, set up the salad bar and more. Sevrin (pictured below) continued working at Filene’s for more than 30 years until retirement! At the age of 3, Sevrin was committed to Wrentham State School. He spent 27 years there and matured from a child to an adult. At this school, there was very little expected of him. He could not read nor could he speak very well. When he was sent to Charles River Workshop then NWW Committee, he bloomed and even became nearly independent. Sevrin now lives in Jubilee House, as part of our Independent Living Program. He makes fast friends with everyone who encounters him and loves being a part of the Wellesley community!

in 1983 NWW Committee hosted its first-ever Autumn Auction! They raised $2,500 from a silent auction and had 150 guests in attendance. Individuals and businesses contributed items ranging from gourmet dinners to patchwork quilts. This was a great first fundraising success for the agency!

Stay tuned for more stories about how Pathway to Possible became the agency it is today!

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