The steeple of the Wellesley Village Church towers over downtown Wellesley as the sun rises.


Pam Emslie, Kevin McDonald, Michaela McDonald honored for 15 years of service

May 28, 2021

The congregation honored Associate Pastor Rev. Pam Emslie, Dr. Kevin McDonald, the Director of Youth Music, and Michaela McDonald, Director of Children’s Ministries, for 15 years of service at the annual Pentecost & Pancakes breakfast on Sunday, May 23. The recognition ceremony caught the three honorees by surprise, but the impact of their work was a mystery to no one.

Over the past decade and a half, all three have worked to create thriving programming that has been one of the engines for growth and spiritual development at Wellesley Village Church.

Upon reaching the 15-year milestone, Kevin remarked that he does not regard his job at Village Church as work. Because of his love of music and mentoring, of youth and potential, and of God’s work, Kevin speaks of his opportunity at Village Church as a gift. This past year, however, Kevin calls the hardest of his life due to the separation forced upon an activity that prioritizes collaboration, harmony, and synchrony.

As in prior years, Michaela has led Children’s Church for the youngest of members, leading numerous church school programs and coordinating Christmas and Easter celebrations. In the past year, she and Kevin innovated the church school format to allow children to participate outdoors, with masks, and distanced to comply with COVID19 guidelines.

Many families have said they joined Village Church because of the youth program and the continuity of a community for their children as they mature. In the past year, a year unlike any other, Pam has sustained the Middle School Youth Group, the High School Youth Group, and the Confirmation Class for 9th graders. As she does each year, she has bonded with each cohort while also creating a deep bond among the youth, one that is a source of friendships (and even marriages) that extend beyond Youth Group.

Among the outpourings of gratitude, Village Church members contributed thanks, notes, photos, poems and memes to Michaela, Pam and Kevin through a Kudoboard online platform that can be found here: