Family Promise Metrowest

Village Church is hosting Family Promise again!!

Can you imagine being homeless during this season? Village Church will be hosting Family Promise families beginning November 26th, the Sunday after Thanksgiving!  We know this is a busy time, what better way to celebrate the season than to help provide a welcoming home for homeless families. For further information about signing up or attending an orientation please contact Christina at: Christina.oliver20@gmail.com, 617-529-9246 or Diana at: Diana.carroll4@gmail.com, 617-435-5383.

We want to thank our volunteers who have helped over the last two years. It’s a great community, including those listed below and many more! We hope you will join us.

Ken Acardi           

Barbara Baker & Bob Froh

Sue Basta

Deb Berger & Family

Karen Bernardo

Margaret Boles Fitzgerald

Gina Bower

Ruth Breden

Deborah Brown

Maggie Burke

Diana Carroll & Family

Genevra Gasais

Cindy Coddington

Sara Costa

Ruby Cramer

Dale Crowe

Susan Davis

Susan Duncan

Kerry Evans & Family

Josh Fitterling

Sybil & Don Smith


Erinn Staley

Margie Steere

Margaret Taylor

Parky Waugh

Sue Williamson

Kevin & Tracey Wood

Joy, Andy, & Blake Harju

Mary Gard

Becky Georgenes

Anne Grote

Doreen Grupposo

Amy Harris

Bobbie Hayes

Caroline Johnson Hodge

Sally & Mike Kellogg

Kent Kissinger

Hannah Lee

Dix Leeson

Bev Lenci

Jim & Allie Loehlin

Kristin Mawhinney

Judy McGraime

Kathy McGraw Bentley

Judy & Jim Mongiardo

Susan & Don Mykrantz

Cyndi & Mira Nakhle

Christina & David Oliver

Dorothy Patton

Betty Peterson

Cindy Peterson

Laurie Roberts

Sheila & Ed Rogers

Helen & Bob Sagan

Richard Schultz

Diane & Eric Seaborn & family

Cynthia Sibold

Ann Skipper

Linda Smith

Nancy Smith