Senior pastor reads from Bible
Steeple rises up above treetops
A smiling couple descends the stairs of the church while a pastor looks on
Boy lights a candle
Pastor welcomes family

Why Visit?


At whatever age or stage in life you find yourself, we joyfully welcome you to Wellesley Village Church, located in the heart of Wellesley Square. People who join our church are often in search of answers to life’s biggest questions. What do I stand for? How can I be an instrument for peace, love and hope? How do I give my children spiritual grounding amid so much worldly preoccupation? What will I strive for until my very last breath? How does God speak to us? What does God hope for us and for our world? We believe it is in community that we best experience joy and comfort, that we stand for justice, that we answer God’s call.

We welcome the curious, the seeker, and the sure. Our members are native New Englanders with Mayflower roots as well as transplants from every corner of the world. Our families come from Needham and Natick, Chicago and Charlottesville, Switzerland and Singapore. We are a vibrant and forward-thinking Christian church community founded nearly two-and-a-half centuries ago as a nation was being conceived. True now, as it was then, Village Church welcomes you to boldly write a new chapter in your life and this community. We have been waiting for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do church online?

On Sundays, our livestreamed worship premieres at 10am on our website, and on the Wellesley Village Church YouTube channel from the comfort of your home. We encourage everyone to post a “hello” and comments as you tune in.

What about in-person church?

During the program year, we have two Sunday worship services: at 9am in the chapel and at 10am in the main sanctuary. During the summer, we have one Sunday service at 9am.

How do I get there? Where do I park?

Village Church’s address is 2 Central Street, in Wellesley Square, which is circumscribed by Central, Grove, Church and Washington streets. Parking at meters on the surrounding streets is free on Sundays. There is additional free parking in the Wellesley Square commuter rail lot (Central Street entrance), Church Square shopping mall lot (Church Street entrance), and the Waban Street Parking Lot (Waban Street entrance). The main entrance to the church sanctuary is on Washington Street.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. Some members wear jackets, ties, dresses or suits; some members prefer to be more casual and dress in fleece, jeans, khakis. Please wear whatever feels right to you.

Is the building accessible?

Village Church is accessible to all, regardless of mode of mobility. We also provide large-print bulletins and assistive listening devices.

What should I expect when I visit on Sunday?

When you arrive, a greeter will welcome you at the door and offer you a name tag and a printed bulletin. Every worship service features prayer, passing of the peace, Scripture reading, a sermon and music. During the summer, we start at 9am. During the year, first worship starts at 9am, a shorter, more casual service with piano or guitar music in the chapel. Children are welcome to stay with their parents. Second worship at 10am is a 75-minute service, accompanied by a full musical complement with organ, choir, and piano. Children are welcome to stay with their parents or join our popular children’s church featuring programming designed especially for children and youth of every age (see below).

Will I be expected to give money?

Contributions collected during the church service are to support the church’s mission and ongoing operations. Gifts from visitors are welcome, but there is never any obligation to give.

What style of church is this?

We hope the words and musical notes that you hear from the very first moments of worship give you a sense for the inclusive, progressive, collaborative style of church we are. The structure of church worship and activities—the liturgical calendar, the order during worship services, hymns, youth group, Bible study, book club, fellowship suppers—suggest a traditional flow, yet the enduring emphasis is on reinterpretation that seeks relevance to the world today. As you will hear during Sunday worship, “all are welcome wherever you are on your faith journey—you matter to God and you matter to us.”

What kind of music will I hear?

The people of Village Church are passionate about music. We have two musical directors who view music as prayer, as advocacy and as human expression. We have adult and children’s choirs, as well as a handbell choir. The musical repertoire spans traditional hymns, classic choral, Bach, Handel, folk music, youth voices, spirituals and world music.

What do I do with my children?

Children are at the heart of much of what we do and are the reason many families choose Village Church. Children are welcome to stay with their parents but also have the option of attending children’s church for pre-K–elementary ages or middle school youth group for 6th to 8th graders, starting at 10am. Parents may also drop infants in the infant room or care for their toddlers in the Prayground, an area equipped with a kid-size table and chairs with activities located near the pews to the left and right of the altar.

What else happens at church?

After the 10am worship service, all are welcome to coffee hour when pastors, members and visitors informally connect over coffee, tea, cakes, pastries, cookies, lemonade, cheese and fruit. Chances are you will see someone you know, but even if you don’t, we are eager to meet and welcome you.

There are numerous other activities at the church on every day of the week throughout the year. Information about youth groups, Bible study, confirmation class, the Rohr Group, prayer group, Village Table food preparation, book clubs, knitting ministry, choir practice, youth choir, church council meetings, family bingo night, rummage sale, Feeding Frenzy, and the many service ministries can be found on this website and in the common areas and spaces throughout the church.

How can I get more information?

Fill out a connect card, email or call a church administrator at 781-235-1988, extension 11, during the week or reach out to any of our pastors with a question. We will make sure that your question gets to the right place and that someone follows up with you promptly.