Director of music conducts choir
Handbell choir rehearses
Pianist plays hymn
Pianist listens to sermon
Choir takes a break
Choir processes down the aisle


Village Church holds up music as a primary mode of faithfulness. Soaring scores of Bach and Handel, familiar hymns and spirituals, folk and world music, we sing together to heal and hope. We are fortunate to have music directors who bring a multidimensional perspective to our music program: Dr. Kevin McDonald, director of music, and organist and hand bell choir director, Kristjon Imperio. Each musician has a distinct approach and seeks to lift up the human voice in song, whether for the purpose of prayer, advocacy or self expression.

“In God’s eyes, we are all loved and all welcome.  Therefore, the voices of ALL children and youth in worship of God and fellowship with one another make a glorious sound that brings joy, love, peace, and comfort to the soul. Making music is our way of doing God’s work here on Earth to make this world a better place for all people.”

– Dr. Kevin McDonald, Director of Music

The strong tradition of choral music at Wellesley Village Church has been passed down to the youth, who are inspired to experiment with how and what they play. Keyboardists, guitarists, brass players, woodwinds and percussionists feel at home. Young singers are introduced to music in Children’s Church. It is an important way our youth and children bond. Dr. Kevin McDonald, director of music, believes that “music is a gift we have all been given by God.”