Pastor speaks to youth

Pastoral Residency Program

The mission of the Pastoral Residency Program is to provide a first call experience in which recent seminary graduates can practice and cultivate the art of pastoral ministry in a healthy congregation. While residents have been fully prepared for ministry by their seminary education, they benefit in their pastoral development from serving in a local church. Our goal is to enable new clergy to build skills and practices, both professional and personal, that will provide a foundation for fruitful and faithful service to the church. As full-time pastors, our pastoral residents participate in all aspects of congregational life. Each resident will have multiple experiences in six essential areas of pastoral leadership: worship, faith formation, pastoral care, transformational leadership, mission/justice and professional development.

Residents have the experience of both stepping into existing ministries and forming new ones. With a staggered call process, our two residents have the opportunity to progress in their learning, development and leadership while having the support of a peer.

After their two-year stint, pastoral residents have answered the call to pastor at churches all over the country. We cherish the impact they have had on our church lives and hope that they take a part of Wellesley Village Church with them wherever they serve.


“Let this church love you; that is transforming on its own. The people of Village Church have a faith, and a depth of religious life, that is quite rare. Let it rub off on you. I think that is the greatest gift I have received from this program: a chance to see people who love God and love each other, working it out faithfully in all their imperfections.”
Rev. John Allen, of First Congregational Church of Milton, 2013-2015 pastoral resident