Steeple lit in fall sunlight
A group of gravestones in the cemetary of the Wellesley Village Church

VALUES: Who God has called us to be

Beloved: By God and one another at every age and stage of life

At Village Church, we trust that no matter where we are on our journey, no matter where we fall short, we are worthy of receiving and giving love.

Belong: Welcome, affirm, connect

As newcomers, transplants and natives, when we set down roots, find our purpose and support each other, our lives grow into our potential. Fueled by Christian love, together we commit ourselves to the broader community, in the metrowest suburbs, the city of Boston, New England, and the world.

Befriend: The neighbor, the stranger, the Earth

We nurture and nourish, maintain and sustain what God has entrusted to us. With an intention of peace for the people and the planet, Village Church commits to building a bridge to a better future for all—whether standing up against racial injustice, feeding the hungry, or investing in environmental responsibility.

Become: Question, learn, grow

Boisterous debate, candid questioning, and the fire of faith reside in equal measure at Village Church. Through Bible study, book groups, visioning workshops, weekly philosophical reflection groups, prayers for discernment, and more, we actively explore together our corporate and individual spiritual journeys.

Behold: Worship, witness, and walk with Jesus

There is no greater sense of God’s presence in our lives than when we gather together, shoulder to shoulder, voices as one, to reflect on and reaffirm our commitment in song, in words, and in action to a life for others.

Be real, be vulnerable, be open to the transforming love of God

We are committed to belonging over believing, to loving over judging, and to peace over piety. We believe Jesus is a model for living and giving. We prioritize affirming people’s potential over reminding them of their brokenness. We embrace the power of reconciliation.