Village Church in Weston
Village Church in Weston

Village Church in Weston

Worship at Village Church in Weston – 5 PM on Sundays

When you come to 5 PM worship in Weston, you can expect an intimate service of beautiful music, impactful preaching, and personal connection. Village Church in Weston is led by our second-year resident, and special services will often include creative liturgies. We meet in the Sanctuary, a flexible space with glass doors and a beautiful cross window that allow us to take in our wooded surroundings, connecting with nature even from the indoors. During the summer, we venture out to the lawn for weeknight worship, joining our congregation with the bunnies and an occasional fox. On the first Sunday of every month, we celebrate an open communion table with both wine and non-alcoholic grape juice, so that there would be no physical or spiritual barriers between you and the taste of God’s grace. Please contact Rev. Martha Schick at: for more information.

Our History – The Congregational Church of Weston

CCW was founded in 1960 by a small group of congregants without a building to call their own. They met in members’ homes and a local country school as an intentional “church without walls.” Once settled at 130 Newton Street, this focus on faith out in the world continued to ground the community. CCW’s members have been active participants in interfaith groups, refugee resettlement efforts, environmental justice organizations, and many other outreach opportunities over the years.

In 2019, CCW partnered with Wellesley Village Church to engage in a new ministry model. The pastoral residents in Wellesley gained firsthand experience pastoring a family-sized church in Weston and had access to free housing in the Weston parsonage, and CCW nurtured and mentored these new pastors. This highly successful partnership was formalized in a legal merging of the two churches, affirmed by unanimous votes of both congregations on February 4, 2024. In that “marriage,” the two congregations became one Village Church with two campuses, one in Wellesley and one in Weston. The second-year pastoral resident continues to hold the worship responsibilities and pastoral care for those who predominantly worship at Weston.

Interfaith Center for Worship, Learning & Service

In keeping with the Village Church in Weston’s longstanding commitment to interfaith work, congregations of many religions and denominations have been worshipping at 130 Newton Street for nearly 20 years. In 2024, this shared holy space was formalized into the Interfaith Center for Worship, Learning & Service, headed by Director Zachary Roe. For more information about the Center, please click the button below or contact Zachary at:

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Village Church in Weston -130 Newton Street, Weston MA 02493