Rev. Sarah Butter lifts her hands to exhort the congregation in worship
Pastor sharing communion
A mother and her young daughter seated in a pew
Family at breakfast before worship
Couple watches worship while sipping coffee at home
Bob Feeny, pastoral resident, preaches to people in the chapel

Worship Services

Thrust into a new reality under quarantine due to COVID19, we reimagined Sunday morning worship. One truth emerged with clarity: People of the church yearned to be together more than ever. Worship evolved so that we could again feel what makes our church community a home, a haven, and a source of strength. Our pastors brought forth their creative gifts. Our congregation tuned in, applauding, contributing, encouraging–and hitting the “like” button. Whether you join us virtually using the button links below or from our YouTube page or Facebook page. let us know what is on your mind.

9am Sunday Zoom Worship is an intimate Zoom worship service hosted by our partner church The Congregational Church of Weston.

9am Sunday ZOOM WORSHIP >

10am Sunday Worship is our prerecorded Village Church virtual worship service which premieres Sunday mornings at 10am.


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ZOOM COFFEE HOUR (after 10am worship) >

When we meet in person, Sunday morning worship comes in two versions: a 9am worship service in the chapel that is contemporary and informal and a 10am worship service in the sanctuary that is more traditional.

“I miss everything about Village Church, especially being in the pew for worship.”

Rob Gregg, Village Church member, during COVID19 pandemic