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You are always welcome to worship with us. If you become interested in joining us as more than a visitor, let’s talk. We welcome new members formally several times throughout the year, as we celebrate what we refer to as a covenant. And we welcome new members informally, every day of the week.

Sometimes, visitors ask why is it important to join? Here is the text of a personal message shared by a member with a prospective family who had been invited to join Village Church:

For many people, being a member deepens the feeling of belonging. And it is something that shows our children, yes, this is where we belong. I can also tell you about how supported I have felt—when my father died, when I went through job turmoil, when our child had some depression. I have certainly had terrific support from friends, but there is another level of support that comes from people some of whom are (1) older and experienced, (2) accustomed to thinking and talking about these kinds of upsets and difficulties, and (3) completely non-judging about the humanity of our situation. It has been an unexpected and gratifying feeling. I feel I have received a gift.

Because we believe God makes more of us together than we can be apart, when you join, we will feel that our church community is that much more interesting, that much stronger and that much more enriched.

When you are ready to consider joining, please come talk to us. If you have already decided to join, please fill out this form and email it to We joyfully welcome your involvement.