The steeple of the Wellesley Village Church towers over downtown Wellesley as the sun rises.


A ‘Better Together’ Historical Moment 2.22.24

February 27, 2024

Thursday, February 22, 2024 was a wonderful day in the life of our Better Together journey with the Charles St. African-Methodist-Episcopal Church (CSAME).

The sun was bright and the air crisp as Rev. Greg Groover and I, together with the treasurers from both of our churches, Karen Mclean, Roni Dudley-Cowans and Mitch Coddington, met at CSAME for prayer, and then walked together to the local One United Branch office. We had two checks in hand from our two churches totaling just over $1.2m, the amount needed to close out the major mortgage on their church building. Yesterday, a second, much smaller loan was also paid in full.

On the way back, Greg recounted how vulnerable CSAME was in 2012 when the bank, unbeknownst to them, put their church up for auction. As of February 22, 2024, the historic Charles Street (AME) church building is securely held by its congregation, and most assuredly held by God.

YOU were with us as we walked, as we prayed, and as we rejoiced. (See link to pictures below)

So many of you provided leadership, made pledges and gifts, and have participated in this journey with your faith, hope, and love. Words cannot fully capture what it meant to represent you on that journey.

Together, we have made God’s transforming love real in this beautiful and broken world. To make sure our actions are accompanied by learning and growth, Village Church Historian Brad Harding is facilitating a project designed to capture our personal reflections on what it means to participate in this historic, faith-filled endeavor. Watch upcoming enews announcements for an invitation to participate.

Please take a few moments to watch and listen to the accompanying 5 minute video in its entirety. There is much within it upon which to reflect.


Our “Sharing the Dream” partnership stretches back nearly 30 years. It began under the leadership of Rev. Martin Copenhaver and grew out of a friendship he and Rev. Groover shared. I give thanks for that genesis, for all the ways the partnership has grown through the decades, and for our part in it now, and pray it will stretch long into the future.

Going forward, CSAME will continue their fund-raising to retire the final mortgages on the parking lot and HGMA building. And we will continue to journey in faith and covenant together, worshiping, learning, serving side-by-side.

As our Better Together Covenant concludes, “for we are God’s people.”

So be it, and may it be so,


Rev. Dr. Sarah Sarchet Butter

Sr. Pastor, Wellesley Village Church

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