The steeple of the Wellesley Village Church towers over downtown Wellesley as the sun rises.


Church Volunteers Make a Difference!

July 26, 2023

In addition to the ongoing steeple preservation work this summer (details linked below), we also have other behind-the-scenes, yet crucial volunteer efforts happening.

One such project took place last Sunday after worship. Charles Kounakowitch, a dedicated Church and Board of Properties member, spearheaded an impressive initiative to upgrade and modernize the internet network and service here at Village Church, with invaluable assistance from Harrison Grant, son of Julien and Sue Grant.

Charles and Harrison worked tirelessly throughout the day to upgrade the internet equipment throughout the entire building, significantly improving the internet service of the church. Their expertise and efforts have been an incredible gift to this community, saving the church a substantial amount of money in labor, man hours.

Tech enthusiasts might find it interesting to learn that the church’s WiFi speed has been boosted from 30mb per second to an impressive 160mb. This substantial upgrade ensures a significantly improved WiFi performance. Furthermore, the network’s security measures have been enhanced, and it can now be efficiently managed and monitored remotely, greatly reducing livestream interruptions or issues in the future.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to Charles, Harrison, and the Board of Properties for their dedication and for purchasing the necessary equipment. These contributions have made a remarkable difference in enhancing our digital connectivity and overall worship experience.

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