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Updates from Organizations Having Received Our Ukraine Refugee Relief Donations

May 6, 2022

Dear Friends,

The members of Marina Podstrelova’s medical mission want to thank all of you deeply for your spiritual and financial support that made our mission possible. During our one week in Warsaw, we treated 125 patients at the church clinic we set up and countless more at a refugee camp in Warsaw. We also provided and donated over 10 thousand dollars worth of medicine and essentials to two hospitals in Ukraine. Without your generous help we would not have been able to have the reach that we did or help as many people. Our experience reaffirmed our belief in the sheer tragedy of the situation but also showed us that we can make a difference through our efforts together. We want to thank you and encourage you to continue supporting us, as our mission is far from finished. This is a public health crisis on a scale that few in the medical community have experienced before and we want to continue to do our part and assist in the medical and spiritual recovery of all Ukranians affected by this horrible war. I will briefly detail for you the work we have done. Most of our treatment took place in one of two facilities. One was a Russian-speaking baptist church that was housing several Ukranian refugees as well as assisting in providing food, supplies, and arranging lodging elsewhere. Monday through Thursday we were at the church from about 10am to 4pm. Our group consisted of Dr. Marina, a pediatrician, Dr. Lena, a primary care physician, Dr. Natasha, a psychologist, and myself, Daniel. I took interviews of refugees and documented the mission. Starting Tuesday, we began going to what the locals called the “Expo Center” which was essentially a large warehouse complex which had been transformed into a refugee camp complete with a medical facility, a shower complex, and a dining hall. There were several thousand refugees housed there by the looks of it with more coming in every day. Once we got to the center, we met the medical team composed of a group of volunteers from International Medical Relief, Polish volunteer doctors, Polish paramedics, a few refugee translators and several other volunteer groups. Our team joined in and immediately found use both as providers and as translators, and until Thursday, we spent the remainder of our working time at the Expo Center the remainder of the trip. Again, without your generous support, both spiritually and financially, none of this would have been possible. Unfortunately, the situation is becoming more dire every day, and we would like to continue our medical mission. We have partnered and made strong ties with the local church and we are confident that with your continued support we can continue to make a positive impact in the lives of struggling people. Thank you

Sincerely, Dr. Marina’s medical mission.


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