The steeple of the Wellesley Village Church towers over downtown Wellesley as the sun rises.


“Voices Carry: Pride Empowers” Art Exhibition June 1, 2024 (Village Church photoshoot April 27)

March 27, 2024

“Voices Carry: Pride Empowers” will be held at Village Church in Wellesley the first Saturday of Pride Month, June 1, 2024. Voices Carry is a mobile photographic art installation started by Southborough Safe Spaces (SBSS) and photographer Chelsea Bradway. The purpose of this show is to showcase “the beauty, resilience, humanity, and inherent spirituality of queer people. It highlights all the ways that LGBTQ+ folks live full and authentic lives.”

Folks from our congregation will be invited to have their photographs taken (singles, couples, and family photos are encouraged!) on Saturday, April 27 between noon and 5 p.m. or so (signups coming soon); selections of these photographs will be added to this ever-expansive art show. Sign up here >

On Saturday, June 1, hundreds of these photos will be hung up all around our Sanctuary, displayed for folks to witness and reflect on the unique and spirit-filled beauty of queerness in our community and beyond. During worship the following day, Sunday, June 2, the photos will remain on display and Dawn and Sarah (co-founders of SBSS) will join us in worship and fellowship hour to share more about their organization.

This collaboration with Southborough Safe Spaces and many of our neighboring UCC churches will give us an opportunity to continue to live into our Open and Affirming statement, opening the doors of our church to folks in our local community and inviting them in to be affirmed, celebrated, seen and loved, just as they are.